22 laser business ideas



22+ PROJECT IDEAS TO INSPIRE YOU DURING COVID-19 (Including tutorials & artwork files)

The last couple of months have been uncertain times, to say the least — priorities are shifting daily as a global health emergency is being dealt with on a global scale. Businesses big and small have been forced to act fast in response: to help others suffering through the crisis while attempting to stay on solid ground financially. 

Whilst it seems that as country we have now flattened the curve – we should expect that the economic consequences will last a bit longer… business will not return to what it was for some time. The great thing about laser cutters and laser engravers is their versatility.
If you own a laser machine,  the applications are endless. If you can think of it and design it, you can make it with a laser system.

We’ve put together a list of application ideas that can be made using a laser system that are in demand as the world lives in and recovers from COVID-19 .

Personal Protective Equipment

PPE is in high demand all over the world. Whilst there is medical-grade PPE that requires TGA approval, non-medical grade PPE is also in high demand.

  1. Fabric face masks  Make your own following this tutorial or this one 
  2. Protective face shields We’ve found some great tutorials and design files here and here and here
  3. Face mask adjusters Healthcare providers are asking for face mask adjusters because the straps of their face masks have been rubbing against the backs of their ears. Tutorial & artwork available here.
  4. Isolation gowns There are many types, here is a free pattern you can use
  5. Acrylic sneeze guards 6 ideas here
  6. PPE signs To remind and enforce use of PPE

More information on PPE regulations can  be found on the Australian Government website here and here.


Signage is more important than ever to keep the public safe. Existing businesses will benefit from communicating COVID-19 safety measures to both staff and customers.

  1. “Wait Here” signage at the front door
  2. Social distancing marking for register queues
  3. Outdoor A-Frame signage for restaurants and cafes “Yes we are open for takeaway!”
  4. Only X customers in the store at one time
  5. Contactless payments only please
  6. Wash / sanitise your hands

Learn how to make signage with your laser machine by following this tutorial.

Personalised Gifts

Many people are celebrating special occasions such as birthdays, baby arrivals, anniversaries and more in isolation at home. Family and friends who cannot visit their loved ones are looking for thoughtful gifts that can be delivered directly to the receiver.  Some personalised gifts ideas that can be sold online:


  1. Bookmarks – from paper or wood
  2. Baby notices – check out our customer CMC Gold’s creative range for inspiration
  3. Cutting boards – can be personalised with family recipes
  4. Jewellerytutorial here and more creative examples here
  5. Photo engraving – learn how to prepare photos for engraving
  6. Laser cut artwork – check our customer United Make‘s incredible designs for inspiration here

Indoor Activities are on the rise as families stay home and seek something to do.

  1. Model making – fantastic template library here
  2. Puzzles – get inspired by our tutorial here and these children puzzles
  3. Learn from home products including these early education puzzles
  4. STEM Education project ideas – such as this gear assembly project

Our laser systems are extremely versatile, allowing you to laser cut, laser mark or laser engrave a wide range of materials. Whilst many of these ideas are general, success comes from zoning into a specific niche.

We hope you’re inspired by these ideas and allow your creativity to flow and your business succeed even during these strange times.