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This compact system provides an economical way to get started in laser marking. The table system is outstanding for individual parts and small series of a wide range of materials. The OYSTER® is ideal whenever small parts must be identified or engraved quickly, flexibly and with the highest quality. Thanks to its table layout, the machine can be set up at any workstation without problem. Applications for the OYSTER® include jewellery, medical and tool industries, advertising and wherever laser marking and/or engraving could not be used in the past for reasons related to space or cost.

  • Laser marking and engraving, on surface or circumference
  • Intelligent segmentation with no discernable blending
  • Serial number
  • Data matrix and barcodes
  • Text and logos
  • Ring engraving both inside and out
  • Tools and components
  • Jewellery
  • Tags
  • Foils
  • Advertising media





HousingLaser Class 1Laser Class 1
Dimensions W/H/D mm770 x 600 x 775830 x 660 x 930
Weight (kg)80160
Max workpiece weight (kg)2020
Inner surface (mm)540 x 375585 x 375
Traverses x/y/z (mm)0 x 0 x 130285 x 0 x 225
Usable range at optics 
with 110 x 110 mm² (mm)
110 x 110 x 130395 x 110 x 225
Max. working height
with 70 x 70 mm²
machining area (mm)
Max. working height
with 170 x 170 mm²
machining area (mm)

Software made by ACSYS

Discover the new dimensions of laser processing. AC LASER Software is the ideal software package for laser material machining. AC-LASER offers you all the essential tools for working in a homogeneous intuitive environment – from the production of simple markings to the manufacturing of complex 3D engravings for single unit manufacturing or series production.

Achieve outstanding results with the powerful AC-LASER Software modules. The graphical user interface allows users to implement each request within the shortest possible time period, without having to compromise with regard to design or quality. Intelligent image processing functions reduce setup times to a minimum.

The AC-LASER Software ensures uncompromising productivity. The close integration and uniform functionality of different modules allows you to implement your ideas and fulfill your requirements.

The ACSYS laser machining software sets benchmarks for the implementation of different laser processes. Whether your application involves laser marking, laser engraving, laser cutting, laser welding or laser digitizing –

AC-LASER is a powerful software suite for all applications and offers users numerous innovative functions.

Live Adjust System®

ACSYS offers a two-camera solution for maximum precision in machining tasks. The first camera shows the entire working area. The second camera is pointed straight through the laser beam path and allows a partial high-resolution view of the workpiece that is to be machined.

Optical Part Recognition

The optical part recognition enables the fully automated processing of non-palletized loose parts. In the example on the left, the high-resolution camera automatically recognizes the arrangement and rotational angle of the coin minting stamps.

Online Depth Control

For depth engraving and 3D engraving, the material is removed down to μm-level, ensuring high-precision results. The ODC module measures the actual engraving depth contact-free and controls the exact target depth of the laser.

3D Assistant software module

The 3D Assistant allows a comfortable design of complex 3D engravings and micro engravings. A graphical preview simplifies the setup of the workpiece. Due to the automated readjustment of the laser focus, very deep, premium quality 3D engravings can be realized.

Dynamic Focus Control

Allows the modification of the focal point during the laser machining process. As a result, free-form surfaces can be processed without optical distortion or compromising quality. The time-consuming segmentation of the layout into different focus layers is no longer required.

Automatic Scanner Calibration

The automatic calibration of the laser scan head compensates for internal temperature fluctuations of the laser system.


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