Alfex Customer Spotlight:

Incorporating a laser system has allowed this engineering company to save on production time and provide a professional quality finish to their end-product.


Jodek is a well-established Australian repetition engineering company based in Victoria, Australia. With over 23 years’ experience in the industry, Jodek seeks to take advantage of the latest technology in their commitment to provide their customers with the highest standards of quality and service.

“Engraving on CNC lathes and mills was too slow”, says Derek Hyde, Managing Director, “The quality of the finished jobs were not up to our standard”.

This is a common concern in engineering companies. When using a CNC to engrave, not only is it a slower process but it takes away production time from the main income-producing activity of machining parts. Investing in a laser engraver allows the CNC machine to be used full-time for machining parts, increasing productivity. The laser engraver provides a clearer and higher-quality engraving finish, as well opening up other business opportunities.

For Jodek, it was of key importance that the laser system be easy to use and able to move to different locations around the factory. The materials most used with the laser would be mild steel and aluminium.

After considering the needs of the company, Alfex Laser recommended the Lotus Laser Meta C1. “I was initially looking to purchase a plotter style machine,” explains Derek, “but the team explained the benefits and speed of the Galvo style laser which was more suitable for our needs”.

The Meta C1 by Lotus Laser is a turn-key laser marking and engraving workstation with flexible work area sizes, perfect for Jodek’s requirements.

We have added the Lotus Laser Meta C1 to our factory to engrave part numbers on machined components. “we can see the possibilities of expanding the use of the laser to other areas of the business” says Derek.

Recently, Jodek engraved customers logo and website information onto some anodised aluminium products which look great. The Meta C1’s powerful laser source allows for a high-quality finish to be produced quickly.

“Incorporating a laser system to our business has saved a lot of production time on our CNC lathes and the finished products look a lot more professional being laser engraved,” explains Derek.

In summary? “It is a great machine and very simple to use”.

To learn more about Jodek visit their website here.

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