Alfex Customer Spotlight:

A shortage of quality label suppliers sparks business idea for electrician in Melbourne’s west.

After 20 years in the electrical industry, Con Sarandoglou started ‘Lasered’ from his home a little over year ago creating electrical labels.

“The company I work for was always looking for a reliable and cost effective supplier to produce labels for the electrical industry,” explains Con, “It proved to be difficult to find a reliable supplier, so I decided to take it upon myself to research how I could do the labels for myself… this is how my company Lasered began.”

Thanks to the experience of two decades in the electrical industry, Con was confident he had the experience and knowledge to be able to produce an offer and product that his ideal client would want. “Being a small family owned business the turn-around for product is short and efficient, we ensure that the client is always satisfied” beams Con.

As demand for electrical labels increased, Con quickly outgrew his first laser machine “I needed to invest in a faster and higher quality machine to meet the demands of my growing business”.

Con acknowledged that buying from a reliable and supportive supplier was a large factor for him when deciding to upgrade his laser system. “After speaking with Alfex, my decision was made easy as they proved to be professional, knowledgeable and honest” Con said.

Con now has a leading edge on his competitors, with the industry’s fastest laser engraving speed of 4.2m/second “I was looking for high speed and high quality, and the Fusion PRO has not only fulfilled but exceeded my expectations in both areas” Con tells us.

When asked if there was a major learning curve by upgrading to a new laser, Con tells us that the Fusion PRO has been very easy to use and that the installation was straight forward, “I’m really happy with the training that Alfex Laser provided, it was very comprehensive”, meaning that Con could start on fulfilling more orders, faster.

While Lasered produces and sells electrical labels, Con tells us that he has been able to use his Epilog Fusion PRO to create personalised items for family and friends. “I have helping my family and friends out by designing and printing personalised key rings, invitations, cake toppers, wishing wells, name tags and wall decals for their special occasions”, Con said.

Con is particularly proud of the personalised Wishing Well he made for a friend’s wedding, “Seeing the joy on their faces and their guests faces was priceless”.

Con’s advice to anyone looking to buy a laser system: “I would suggest to do your research and talk with the sales team directly to get the feel for your main purpose”. 

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