The uMeta (Micro Meta) by Lotus Laser Systems has had an update – with sleek new door panelling and update to the electronics, this entry level marking laser system is packed with features and functionality.

The uMeta is a class 2 fiber laser marking workstation, primarily used for marking metal parts with codes, serial numbers, logos etc. The uMeta is Lotus Laser System’s best-selling machine for good reason!

Firstly, the fully automatic pneumatically operated access panel comes as standard. When a job has finished, the door goes up, giving a clear indication to the operator – providing hands-free convenience.

180-degree access to the work area allows for greater passage for oversized parts, as well as the ability to further customise or automate the marking process with robotic systems and conveyor belts.

Accessing from the sides as well the front, the uMeta is perfect for larger items.

The programmable Z-Axis, designed and built 100% by Lotus Laser Systems, allows for fast job set up and recall as well as the ability to mark objects at multiple heights in a single job.

Made to be space and energy saving, the uMeta is manufactured using recyclable materials.

For technical specification and to download the uMeta brochure visit the uMeta product page.

See work examples below.

Contact our Lotus Laser experts on 1300 20 15 10 or to see how the uMeta can improve your business output. Current users of the uMeta include general engineering companies, job shops, trophy and awards shops as well as general engravers.

This affordable, entry-level workstation is full of features and compact enough to sit on a workbench.