Alfex Customer Spotlight:

Epilog Laser Cutter becomes schools most versatile investment – used on a wide variety of projects to enhance STEAM Education.


Lasers have been a bit of a buzz word in Victorian school over the last 5 or 6 years.

McClelland College in Victoria spent 3 years in their search for the perfect Laser Solution. Teacher David Thompson tells us how Alfex Laser and Epilog surpassed their expectations.

“We chose to buy from Alfex Laser because of the outstanding support offered” explains David. “Before we got the laser, Fab from Alfex came out to the school and saw the STEAM Learning Space we had on-site. He was able to make sure we had adequate room for the laser. He also made suggestions such as which type of fume extraction would be better to make it a safe environment for the students.

The backup support Alfex Laser provides for school is second to none. With a local support team, Alfex responds to service calls immediately over the phone and can be on-site within 24 hours.

“We saw that there was a need at our school for equipment that would be used in industrial applications. The laser machine has allowed us to enhance the STEAM curriculum at our school.” David said.

The laser was introduced to the school 6 months ago and Dave has been a major part of the decision making process. “In the beginning we knew generally what lasers could do, but not much about the technical details. It was a 3 year process of research. Learning the benefits of the different types of lasers and of course then getting the funding” explains David.

The school was looking for the largest table size but also the most powerful laser for their budget. Having a more powerful laser would allow for cutting of thicker materials, which opens up to wider range of applications.

“The main thing for us was the accuracy of the laser cutting and engraving. That’s why we went for the Epilog Laser Fusion M2 60 Watts. We purchased the metal and ceramic laser tube instead of the glass tube – which was all explained by our Alfex Laser expert.”

Today, the Epilog Laser system gets used in a variety of ways at McClelland College. Positioned in the STEAM Learning Space which is open to all students, the laser is accessible for any type of project. Students have had the opportunity to work with acrylic and plywood to engrave and cut mobile phone stands, night light cut outs and key-tags.

“We hosted a school open night recently and had the students make key-tags from the Epilog Laser to hand out to the parents. It was very effective as the parents saw the application first hand. Parents walking past the STEAM learning space were amazed. They were impressed when they saw students cutting and engraving the key-tags they held in their hands”.

Other than student projects, the laser machine has been well-used. David has created custom student and teacher awards, trophies, plaques and internal signage around the school.

In educational settings, one of the most important aspects of the laser is its ease-of-use. To get the most out of the equipment, it’s important students and teachers can easily access the system and use it to its fullest capabilities.

David tells us, “The machine is so easy to use – just like a printer. The more difficult part for us was using the design software! Our team didn’t have prior experience in the design software, and that has been the biggest learning curve for us – much more than the laser itself!”

Alfex Laser offers Corel Draw graphic software training both live and online. This ensures users are confident in creating designs suitable to laser cut and engrave.

Alfex Laser is an ideal partner for schools, supporting staff and students every step of the way.


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