• Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Australian support and servicing from factory trained technicians
  • Backed by Alfex CNC Australia celebrating 40 years in business

Alfex CNC Australia recognises the need for a larger work area and more laser power at a lower price point.

Introducing the Lotus Laser Blu DC Laser System. Designed, assembled, wired and tested in the UK, the Blu DC laser systems are ideal for price-conscious markets such as education, home businesses, first machine buyers and hobbyists to name just a few.


What is a DC laser?

There are two common types of CO2 laser tubes used in laser engraving and cutting machines – one is an RF laser and the other is a DC laser.

DC laser tubes (also known as glass lasers) look similar to a fluorescent light tube and contain a mixture of gases including helium, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. DC lasers use electrical energy to excite the gas inside the glass tube to create a beam of light (the laser) that exits at one end of the tube and is directed onto the material using a series of mirrors – once focussed the laser can be used for cutting or engraving a wide variety of materials.

DC laser systems offer a very attractive starting price, larger work areas and higher laser powers when compared to RF laser systems, making them a great option for those looking to buy their first machine or expand their existing capabilities.

Is a DC laser right for me?

A DC laser is the perfect solution for entry-level users that need higher power and larger table size (resulting in increased output capability per job), at an affordable price point.

A DC laser is best applied to laser cutting materials that work well with heat. For example, laser cutting acrylic, especially at a thickness greater than 3mm where the slower pulse and greater heat of the DC laser can be an advantage. In this example, a DC laser will often laser cut acrylic with a far smoother edge than its RF alternative.

The Blu DC by Lotus Laser System is available in 3 sizes:

o   Blu70 DC 60w – (700x500mm)

o   Blu100 DC 80w – (1000x600mm)

o   Blu125 DC 100w – (1250x900mm)


All Lotus Laser Systems are built in the UK and supported Australia wide by Alfex CNC Australia. Get into a Blu DC laser system from as little as $96 +GST  per week, backed with Australian based support team, available all over the country.

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