How do I choose the most suitable focus lens to use on different jobs?

Laser Q&ACategory: Laser QuestionsHow do I choose the most suitable focus lens to use on different jobs?
Alfex Laser Staff asked 1 year ago
1 Answers
Jordan Staff answered 1 year ago

CO2 laser systems are typically equipped with a single focal lens as standard – one that is generally good for most engraving and cutting applications.

The most common for CO2 lasers is a 2.0” focal lens however additional lenses with different focal lengths can be used to help improve specific applications such as 1.5” and 4.0” lenses.

1.5” Lens – Typically for high-resolution engraving. Recommended for raster engraving above 600 DPI resolutions, for small fonts or fine details. Produces a spot size of around 0.08 to 0.14mm in diameter and provides excellent results when cutting thin materials (less than 1mm)

2.0” Lens – Standard lens on most laser systems. Multipurpose for both engraving and cutting applications, recommended for raster engraving from 300 DPI to 600 DPI resolutions and produces spot size of 0.1 to 0.18mm in diameter.

4.0” Lens – Produces focused beam over longer vertical distance. Specialty lens typically used for engraving within recessed area (bowl or plate) or for cutting thicker materials providing a straighter cut edge.