Printer Offline or in Error State

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Brett Officer asked 11 months ago

Hi, My Epilog Mini cannot receive jobs as apparently the printer is offline or in Error State. I sent an email to support but unfortunately I sent it to the US, below is their reply but I have had no luck with either method.
Sounds like you may be connected via USB with Windows 10. If so, the USB connection on Windows 10 can be unreliable due to a setting the Microsoft built into the OS. This setting powers down the USB ports on the computer, thereby dropping the USB connection to the printer. You can attempt to disable this setting by navigating to device manager then to universal serial bus controllers. Right click on every USB connection and open up properties to look for a power management tab. If the USB port contains the power management tab, deselect the option to let the computer power down the USB port. Go through all USB ports similarly then restart the computer. If after this, the printer is still in an error state, we recommend that you connect via ethernet. For further assistance, reach out to your local distributor in Australia, Alfex- below is a link with their contact information. 
Regrads, Brett

Serena Staff replied 12 months ago

Hi Brett, this sounds like a trouble shooting issue – please call us on 1300 20 15 10 or email support @ – our laser specialist will get back to you on this specific question. Thanks!