What is the best way to clean my laser optics?

Laser Q&ACategory: Maintenance QuestionsWhat is the best way to clean my laser optics?
Alfex Laser Staff asked 1 year ago
1 Answers
Jordan Staff answered 1 year ago

Ensuring your optics are clean will help your laser system perform its best.
If smoke, resin, or other contaminants are allowed to accumulate too heavily, they will reduce the available laser power and may cause damage.
Dirty optics can also greatly reduce the engraving and cutting quality of your machine so it’s very important to keep them clean. The focus lens and mirror directly above it get exposed to the most about of smoke and residue so these will need to be inspected daily and if they’re dirty then you’ll need to clean them.
Any additional accessible mirrors should only need to be inspected every 3-4 weeks and cleaned as required.
To clean an optic if possible first remove it from the machine (if not possible to remove it this can still be done in situ) and blow off any dust and debris using clean compressed air. Then apply a few drops of cleaning solution to flood the optic to help loosen and dissolve any contaminants.
Finally, use a wet cotton swab or lint-free tissue to gently wipe the optic clean.
Do not ever scrub as this can scratch the optic. The remaining solution should evaporate leaving it perfectly clean and ready to use.