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Ella asked 1 year ago

Hi there,
With the basic range of colours of laser acrylics where can I purchase more colours, glitters etc different effects without going to my little acrylic shop and paying their mark up prices? – where are they getting it from it’s when I buy from there that’s where my profit goes.

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Serena Staff answered 1 year ago

HI Ella! Thanks for your question.

We sell a large range of acrylics suitable for laser cutting and engraving! Head over to shop.alfexlaser.com.au to register your account and shop online. We have solid colours, glitters, mirrors and pastels in the acrylic range.

Since we sell so much product we are able to bulk-purchase at a lower cost compared to other suppliers, passing the savings onto you. We can also cut the material to suit your laser bed-size and we ship all over Australia!
Ella, if there is a specific colour or effect you are after, please let us know as we can always try our best to source it for you.