Why would I need a Galvo Laser?

Laser Q&ACategory: Laser QuestionsWhy would I need a Galvo Laser?
Alfex Laser Staff asked 1 year ago
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Jordan Staff answered 1 year ago

Galvo lasers are available in both CO2 or fiber laser configurations and their primary advantage is that they offer far superior marking speeds when compared to plotter lasers.

If you need to engrave medium to high volumes then a galvo may be the perfect solution for you.

Let’s look at a real-life example – we needed to mark 12 tags at a time; with a plotter laser it took 10 minutes whereas on a galvo in only took 4 minutes, which is a time-saving of 60%!

Say you ran this job for a full day the plotter would produce a maximum of only 48 cycles (12 tags each cycle) whereas the galvo would produce 120 cycles meaning for this specific example the galvo is 150% more productive.

To look at it another way, if it takes 8 hours to complete the work on a plotter laser, it would only take 3.2 hours on a galvo, leaving you with an extra 4.8 hours in the day to produce other jobs, generating more income.

Apart from speed, another thing to consider is if you already have a CO2 plotter laser and want to start doing some direct metal marking then a small galvo fiber laser may be the most affordable option for you – the Lotus Laser Micro Meta is a full-featured desktop galvo laser and is available from as little as $147+gst per week – click here to learn more